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Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology.

In 1900, Tongji Hospital was founded by Mr. Erich Paulun, a German doctor, in Shanghai and moved to Wuhan in 1955. After 120 years of construction and development, it has grown into an innovative modern hospital integrating medical care, teaching and research. With a complete array of disciplines, a distinguished gathering of experts and an ample force of teachers, and with exquisite medical techniques, state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, outstanding research capabilities, sophisticated scientific management, it has become a modern comprehensive hospital integrating medical service, teaching, scientific innovation, public health and hospital management, leaping to the front row of China's hospitals.


The hundred-year core values of Tongji shape the medical elite. Led by Prof. Chen Xiaoping and Prof. Ma Ding, who are respectively an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015 and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017, Tongji Hospital has witnessed a gathering of famous doctors and teachers, including nearly 70 recipients of various national talent projects and 97 Special Government Allowance Experts awarded by the State Council.


Tongji Hospital focuses on platform construction and is supplemented by strong specialty strength. Composed of Hankou Branch, Optical Valley Branch and Sino-French New City Branch and Junshan Branch, Tongji Hospital has 65 clinical and paramedical departments and is equipped with WHO Training Center for Rehabilitation, the National Medical Center for Major Public Health Events, the National Medical Center Construction Unit (Mentoring Unit), the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Obstetrical and Gynecological Diseases, the National Regional Medical Center Construction Output Unit Jointly Built by Commission and Province, the National Pilot Hospital for High-quality Development Jointly Built by Committee and Province, the Pilot Hospital for Comprehensive Modern Hospital Management System and is underpinned by 11 national key disciplines (including 3 cultivation disciplines) and 40 national key clinical specialties (second-most in China). The hospital owns 1 national key lab, 3 key labs of the Ministry of Education, 2 key labs of National Health Commission, 5 key labs of Hubei Province, 23 provincial quality control centers, 14 provincial clinical medical research centers, and 3 provincial engineering research centers.


With nationwide medical services with central China as the base, the hospital ranks among the top in Hubei and China. Tongji vigorously creates new medical care by bringing new services and promotes the comprehensive construction of "Tongji Cloud Medical Care". Internet hospital services reached 2.16 million in 2022. The national tertiary public hospital performance appraisal result was rated as "National Grade A+".


Arduous labor in spring, rich fruit in autumn. The hospital's rigorous approach to scholarly pursuit has nurtured 13 members of China's Academies of Sciences and Engineering, 3 Ministers or vice-ministers of Public Health, and innumerable pillars of the medical circles. Academician Qiu Fazu, a contemporary medical sage, is an outstanding representative among them, and the "Qiu's Demeanor", which includes his scientific attitude, professional conduct and skilled operation techniques, is reputed as an immortal monument in medical history. The hospital claims the first spot among Chinese hospitals in the number of editors-in-chief and associate editors of the National Planning Textbook of Clinical Medicine Science published by People's Medical Publishing House. The Introduction to Medicine course has been selected as a "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" Demonstration Course by the Ministry of Education, and the teaching team has been named outstanding teachers and outstanding team of the "Curriculum Ideology and Politics" Demonstration Course.

Scientific research continues to innovate, presenting the "Tongji phenomenon". For 12 consecutive years, the number of projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China has exceeded 100, with the number reaching 157 in 2017, ranking the first among national medical institutions. The hospital’s 11 medical researches have won scientific and technological progress awards, invention awards and the second prize of the natural science awards at national level.

Innovating management makes for a high quality hospital. Tongji Hospital is actively promoting the progress of certifying itself as a high-quality hospital by launching a number of new modes of healthcare, performance, multi-branch and department management with Tongji Characteristics. The hospital passed the German KTQ quality certification in 2012 and the German KTQ quality certification (re-evaluation) in 2015. In 2017, the Department of Surgery was nominated for the "China Quality Award" and the hospital won the "7th Wuhan Mayor Quality Award". In 2019, the hospital won the "Hubei Yangtze River Quality Award". The hospital was also awarded the first prize of Science and Technology Innovation Award by the Chinese Hospital Association twice.


East, west, mutual mergence is best. International collaboration is the hospital's distinct feature in this era of globalization. Up to now, Tongji has established close cooperative relationship with over 70 medical institutions from over 25 countries like Germany, USA, Japan, France, Russia and so on.


Tongji Hospital adheres to going hand in hand with China and Chinese people in times of trouble. During the fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan in 2020, Tongji Hospital, as an anti-epidemic pioneer, actively expanded its fever clinic by 50 times to receive patients, and voluntarily transformed the Sino-French New City Branch and Optical Valley Branch to the intensive care units for COVID-19 patients. The hospital hit record highs in China in the largest number of intensive care beds, the largest number of patients with fever admitted and the largest number of severe patients admitted. The hospital took the lead in issuing the Quick Guide for Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 and edited 72 guidelines and common knowledge booklets. The hospital created the "Tongji Model" for the treatment of severe cases (the Medical Treatment Team of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council published an article to promote this mode). Moreover, the hospital was awarded the honorary title of "Role Model of the Times" by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and that of "National Advanced Group for Fighting Against COVID-19".


In recent years, Tongji Hospital has retained the title of "National Civilized Unit" for 17 consecutive years. The hospital has been successively awarded the honorary titles of "National May 1st Labor Medal", "Top Ten Units in China for Building Professional Ethics of Workers" "Advanced Group in National Healthcare System" and ranked the first among general hospitals in the "medical staff and patient satisfaction" survey carried out by National Health Commission in 2020.

Date:December 2023.

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