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The Only Hospital from Hubei! Tongji Hospital Selected into the Pilot Project of National Public Hospitals for High-quality Development

At the Second Forum on High-quality Development of Public Hospitals on July 23, the National Health Commission (NHC) released the list for the Pilot Project of National Public Hospitals for High-quality Development. Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology was the only hospital from Hubei on the list.

Over the past year, the Secretariat of the State Council Health Reform Leading Group has produced desired results in promoting the high-quality development of public hospitals in all aspects. At the provincial level, 11 provincial regions including Shanghai have been selected to explore paths for high-quality development of various public hospitals at all levels. At the municipal and prefectural levels, 15 cities like Taiyuan in Shanxi Province have been selected to implement demonstrative projects on reform and high-quality development of public hospitals. At the hospital level, 14 large-scale high-level public hospitals in nine provinces (cities) have been selected as pilots. Under the co-management of the commission and province, it aims to set examples of high-quality development of public hospitals, build world-class hospitals in the future, and drive large-scale public hospitals across the country to a higher level.

As indicated by Wang Wei, Party Secretary of Tongji Hospital, the hospital's 9th Party Congress highlighted "the keynote of high-quality development". In the future, it will strengthen the pilot work to further develop the hospital into a comprehensive, innovative, and international medical center with Chinese characteristics and world influence. Liu Jihong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of Tongji Hospital, said that the hospital will promote high-quality development through innovation, explore feasible pathways and supportive systems, and step up to build transferable, reproducible, and sustainable experiences and models in line with actual situations.

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