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Over 230 Medical Personnel from Tongji Hospital Critical Care Company Donate Blood in Rain

Recently, the number of blood donors has been declining due to the Spring Festival holiday and freezing weather, while that of patients sees a significant rise after the holiday, leading to higher demand for blood in the hospital. To fully guarantee the blood supply, more than 230 medical personnel, who were awarded the title "Model of the Times" for their efforts made in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic from the Tongji Hospital Critical Care Company of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, made blood donation in spite of the low temperature and rain on February 17. The family members of patients were also motivated by their passion and participated in the donation voluntarily.

The whole process, including information registration, physical examination, blood test, and blood donation, was organized in an orderly manner. The atmosphere inside the blood donation bus was pleasant and relaxing, and everyone was happy that they could give a helping hand.

"To donate blood is to save lives. As anesthesiologists, we clearly understand the importance of blood in operations. We are responsible for blood transfusion. Sometimes, if the blood supply runs short, the operation will be forced to suspend. Blood donation is a good thing because it means that you are in good health!" said Wan Li, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the Department of Anesthesiology. He explained to the patients who came for consultation during his blood donation.

Liu Jihong, President of Tongji Hospital, said, "Blood donation is a noble and selfless action that will save people's lives. It is consistent with our professional spirit and also in accord with the tradition of Tongji Hospital that we are enthusiastic about public welfare. We hope that our actions can encourage more right-age people who are in good health condition to participate in blood donation, so as to save more lives."

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