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The 2020 Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) of China's Medical Colleges and Hospitals Released: Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology Ranks 5th in China and 1st in Central South China

On October 31, the 2020 Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) of China's medical colleges and hospitals was released, and Tongji Hospital, affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, achieved a total score of 50.36, ranking 5th in China and 1st in central south China.                                       


It is reported that the STEM evaluation system focuses on the guiding role of medical institutions in China's new development stage to improve the quality of development, focusing on the level and direction of scientific and technological innovation, aiming to promote the high-quality development of medical institutions, so it is the highest level of evaluation on China's medical research and innovation capabilities.

1,634 Tertiary III hospitals nationwide were included in this year's STEM study, and the evaluation results were divided into two parts: one was the comprehensive STEM and the other was the specialty STEM, covering a total of 31 clinical specialties. Among them, 14 specialties in Tongji Hospital ranked in the top 10 nationwide, including lemology (3rd), urology (3rd), nursing (3rd), gynecology & obstetrics  (4th), respiratory medicine (5th), anesthesiology (6th), emergency medicine (6th), endocrinology and metabology (8th), general surgery (8th), neurosurgery (8th), psychiatry (9th), cardiovascular internal medicine (10th), allergology (10th), and neurology (10th).


In recent years, Tongji Hospital has taken people's health as the center and clinical needs as the guide, found the right positioning of its specialties, increased the efforts in scientific and technological management and innovation, continuously promoted the high-quality development of medical innovation and the construction of national medical center, and continued to air "Voice of Tongji " to the world. In addition, its scientific research level is comparable to its international peers.

STEM is proposed by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), a multi-dimensional evaluation matrix for the level of medical science and technology of the objects. Since 2018, CAMS has been constructing an evaluation system from three dimensions: scientific and technological output, academic influence and scientific and technological conditions, which has evolved into STEM system and has been improved year by year.

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