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G.O.A.T! Tongji Hospital Jumps to 6th in China and 1st in Central South China on China's Hospital Rankings

On the afternoon of Nov. 20, the China Hospital Comprehensive Rankings and Chinese Hospital Specialist Ranking were officially released by the Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University. Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, jumped to the 6th place in China and the 1st place in central south China in terms of its overall ranking. It is reported that Tongji Hospital has been steadily ranked in the top 10 of the national ranking for 10 consecutive years, the first and the benchmark of medical care in central China, and this year, it has improved one more place and jumped to the first in central south China.

The China’s Hospital Rankings score (Fudan version) consists of reputation weighting and research weighting. Particularly striking, Tongji Hospital ranks the third place with a research weighting of 14.15 points.

In addition to focusing on the overall ranking of hospitals, the ranking list is also often regarded by the public as an important reference for finding good hospitals and departments in their minds for incurable diseases. A total of 42 specialties were ranked in the Chinese Hospital Specialist Reputation Ranking, and 34 specialties of Tongji Hospital were on the list. In the two national rankings of comprehensive specialty and specialty reputation, 12 specialties of Tongji Hospital, including gynecology & obstetrics, geriatrics, urology, general surgery, rehabilitation medicine, respiratory medicine, pediatric surgery, reproductive medicine, allergic reactions, radiology, anesthesiology and neurology, were ranked among the top 10 nationwide, among which the comprehensive ranking of obstetrics and gynecology ranked third nationwide.


Prof. Wang Wei, Executive Vice President of Huazhong University of Science & Technology and Party Secretary of Tongji Hospital, said that the core of discipline construction is clinical service and innovation, which is the top priority of hospital development and the cornerstone of the hospital's brand, reputation and status. In order to promote hospital construction, Tongji Hospital centers on people's health, constantly improving medical treatment technology and service level, while attaching importance to discipline innovation, constantly promoting the development of new technologies and rapid transformation of scientific research results, effectively enhancing the comprehensive strength and ranking of various specialties in the hospital for the benefit of patients. In the future, Tongji Hospital will continue to improve the discipline construction system and modern governance system to offer international first-class high-quality medical services.

During the fight against COVID-19 in 2020, Tongji Hospital, as the main battlefield of critical care in Wuhan, gathered the strength of more than ten key specialties in the hospital and formed the "Tongji model" of strengthening the epidemic control at lower level, multi-disciplinary cooperation and personalized treatment, which was promoted nationwide by the National Health Commission, and the Tongji Hospital Critical Care Company was also awarded the title of "Model of the Times" by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. In addition, Tongji Hospital also closely integrates clinical practice with scientific research, which has published scientific papers based on empirical experience against COVID-19 ranks first in China, providing effective support for the global fight against the epidemic. This series of challenges and efforts has led to a renewed climb in the comprehensive strength of Tongji Hospital.

In recent years, Tongji Hospital has always adhered to the Party building to lead the development of disciplines, and has set a series of strategic goals such as "1510 Project", "13250 Project" and "Five-One Project" with discipline construction as an important means. In the area of medical services, it will adhere to the "Healthy China 2030" strategy, promote the expansion of high-quality medical resources, and comprehensively improve the capacity of medical services. In terms of scientific research, sticking to the "cross-integration" of medical engineering and medical medicine and targeting major problems hindering the country's development in medicine and life science, the hospital conducts high-quality clinical research, and continues to lead the transformation of high-end life science instruments, high-performance medical equipment, advanced biomaterials and nanomedical-related products, thus it harvests fruitful results.

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