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The National Medical Team of Tongji Hospital to Provide Medical Support in Aba Prefecture

It's September 21, Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional day to be spent with family members for the Chinese. At Ruoergai County people's Hospital of Sichuan Province, 1,500 kilometers away from Wuhan and 3,400 meters above sea level, Professor Jin Chuangang of Anesthesiology, Deputy Chief Physician Zheng Jianwei of Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and Deputy Chief Physician Yang Fan of Trauma Surgery from Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology entered the operation room early in the morning for a 28-year-old Tibetan patient Drolma. This endoscopic cholecystectomy has also become a demonstration surgery, teaching local doctors new minimally invasive surgery.


On September 18, the day before Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the National Major Public Health Event Medical Center with Tongji Hospital as the main body sent a five-member national medical team to Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture of Aba, Sichuan Province for a one-month national medical team tour medical work.


It is understood that the medical team consists of experts from the Department of Biliary and Pancreatic, Traumatology, Anesthesia, Digestion, and Cardiology of Tongji Hospital. The experts will provide medical assistance to medical institutions in Tuomao County, Songpan County and Ruoergai County People’s Hospital in Aba Prefecture. Their work includes disease diagnosis and treatment, teaching ward rounds, surgery demonstrations, health education, and the establishment of remote collaboration networks.


In addition, the medical team members have fully taken into account the local medical needs based on early communication with the local medical institutions. Experts will help the local area to carry out shortcoming projects such as health emergency, chest pain first aid, painless diagnosis and treatment.


"This reflects that in the process from comprehensive poverty alleviation to rural revitalization, people's health needs are also increasing," said Bai Xiangjun, vice president of Tongji Hospital. Tongji Hospital has sent national medical teams to other provinces for ten consecutive years. “As the main body of the National Major Public Health Event Medical Center, we will give a full play to our advantages in disciplines, talents, and management to channel quality medical resources down to the local level so as to improve the primary medical service and public health prevention, control and treatment capabilities," he said.




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